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Calling on new expertises and generations to create innovative systems answering the paradigms of an ever-changing world.

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business design and consultancy

Strategic sustainable development

CSR & Design expertise to explore and exploit sustainable opportunities:
> Assess innovation opportunity areas within product lifecycle, service experiences and organisation design.
> Engage multiple stakeholders in the design of a strategic vision & roadmap.
> Design & implement sustainable innovation project from research to pilots and handover.

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Engage your talents

Innovation factory

Engage internal resources in a journey toward sustainable innovation with the guidance of experts and expert contents:

> Explore innovative solutions addressing your business challenge.
> Create new synergies between functions & expertises.
> Experiment with new innovation frameworks.

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collaborate with students

Talent Innovation Factory (TIF) on Sustainability

Collaborate with CSR expert coaches to mentor a student team working to bring an innovative solution to your sustainability challenge.

> Explore innovative solutions to a business challenge.
> Scout future talents to onboard in your organisation.

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Explore some of our key projects

Covid Impact Lab

The Covid Impact Lab is a 6-week digital collective learning experience towards sustainable & inclusive innovation. Companies work hand-in-hand with top local university.

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Co-building a CSR vision and action plan with Design Fiction

Bel Vietnam needed to reconnect with its “daring” value with a new clear direction for its CSR actions as well as to connect with the global CSR mandate to focus on these key areas in Vietnam: healthier food, fight against climate change, sustainable agriculture, accessibility & affordability, responsible packaging.

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Creating a compostable packaging out of waste

Method, a company that manufactures a wide range of sustainable cleaning products, and Whole Foods, the multinational supermarket chain now acquired by Amazon, paired together to find a circular model for Method’s packaging.

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Designing a plastic-free car

UC Berkeley students and Furecia teamed-up to design a plastic-free car a cleaner supply chain by sourcing a natural fiber that can replace the use of plastic by 50%.

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Creating long-lasting impact together

Our methodology is holistic and encourages any steps towards sustainability and regenerative practices knowing that trade off is the norm and that perfection is impossible to achieve in the short term. We believe that there is no sustainable solutions without questioning business models and practices, challenging customer’s standards and habits or understanding the system in which our innovations belong.



Attack pressing organizational challenges through the lense of imagination.


Talent Innovation Factory

Test and prototype sustainable alternatives that addresses real business challenges by collaborating with students.


Design Fiction

Act in the present and design concrete actions to better adjust strategies towards the future.

Design Fiction

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Design Fiction allows us back-casting from scenarios of possible futures into the present while equipping us with a flexible mindset towards business strategy and innovation thinking. In using such narrative elements to envision and explain possible futures for your business, we suspend the disbelief about change and make it feel present and urgent.

For example, working through benefits, challenges, and opportunities of a new technology or market development might unearth a whole new short and long-term vision for your organization.


Schoolab’s digital platform to support all sustainable projects


Access your platform from all your devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) thanks to a responsive web-app.


Translate interfaces and content manually or automatically.


Simple and secure SSO access. Data hosted in Europe. Solution audited and compliant with the RGPD for European compliance.


Export or track in real time your key indicators to measure engagement, according to your predefined criteria (by type of person, position, sector, city, country).


Schedule emails and enable automatic notifications to boost participant engagement.

Selection process

Segmentation of projects by jury session, configuration of the number of private sessions, evaluation forms and public polls.

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